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At Leobrandt Group, we excel in two distinct domains: innovative Consultancy Services and visionary Investments and Innovations. Each domain drives a unique facet of our mission.

Our Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Services have a proven track record of creating meaningful impact for our clients, reshaping their success stories through technology-driven solutions.

  • For many years, our clients have relied on our continuous data collection services to fuel their business insights, empowering them with a competitive edge in their market.
  • Other clients harnessed the potential of image recognition, enhancing the user experience of their apps and elevating their visual appeal, driving user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Remarkable success stories unfolded when clients’ sales doubled after our web development services optimized their online presence. With improved visibility and seamless user experiences, they capitalized on new opportunities and achieved remarkable growth.

Our approach is about envisioning possibilities, unlocking opportunities, and transforming them into tangible results. We help you discover uncharted avenues, gain competitive advantages, and achieve your strategic goals, navigating the digital landscape with confidence and embracing new horizons.

Our Investments and Innovations

In 2023, we’re embarking on a new journey of innovation. Our focus revolves around seamlessly blending the realms of reality and the virtual using technology. We’re harnessing the potential of 3D scanning and photogrammetry, along with other captivating technologies, to create a bridge between the physical and the virtual world. This approach not only empowers technology but also exhilarates the human experience. Imagine the thrill of seeing yourself transition from reality to the virtual realm, engaging with lifelike avatars, and returning to reality through the marvel of 3D printing, with enriched perspectives. Our investment in technology-driven amusement is just one example of our dedication to reshaping the boundaries of entertainment, bringing a touch of magic to the mundane.

Pytteprint: Celebrating Life Through 3D Printing

Through our brand Pytteprint, we’re also dedicated to celebrating life’s precious moments. We use 3D printing technology to transform ultrasound images of unborn babies into tangible, heartfelt keepsakes. This innovative process creates a deeply personal connection, allowing parents to hold a physical representation of their little one before they even arrive. It’s a testament to our commitment to making technology a heartwarming experience, touching lives in extraordinary ways.

Current Investments and Exits

Leobrandt Group, situated in the vibrant city of Lund, Sweden, strategically invests in ventures across various industries. Our portfolio reflects our commitment to identifying and nurturing opportunities with transformative potential. While some ventures have led to successful exits, others have enriched our understanding of the ever-evolving business landscape. From the hospitality industry to food tech and even a ridesharing app with taxis, our track record demonstrates our dedication to exploration and growth.

Our Vision

Leobrandt Group is dedicated to driving innovation and embracing the possibilities that current technology offers. Our team’s in-depth industry knowledge and expertise allow us to creatively tailor solutions that leverage existing technologies. We continually push the boundaries of technology-driven entertainment, exploring uncharted territories where imagination knows no bounds. We invite you to discover the diverse realms of our consultancy services and the dynamic frontiers of our investments, where we continually redefine what’s achievable.

Join Us in Redefining Tomorrow

Experience a new era of innovation and amusement at Leobrandt Group. Dive into the world of data-driven insights and captivating virtual experiences. Embrace technology not only as a tool but as a source of joy and wonder, connecting you to a future where the extraordinary is the norm.

Welcome to Leobrandt Group—where Our Consultancy Services meet Creativity, Our Investments spark Innovation, and Unlocking Opportunities is the Key to Tomorrow.

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Rooz Leobrandt

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Olga Leobrandt

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